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LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar
  • LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar
  • LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar
  • LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar
  • LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar
  • LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar

LED UV Under Cabinet Wardrobe Light Bar

Model: SL-UV03-3W-A
Category: Sterilization Lamp
Induction Sensor Rechargeable Battery-powered Under Cabinet LED UV Light Bar with Magnetic for wardrobe, kitchen, closet, cabinet, hallway, stairs, cupboard, drawer etc
Our LED Wardrobe UV Light Bar is a compact & super slim design that can be used for any limited & low profile space, especially for under cabinet lighting solutions. It's our patent design under Chinese patent number 202020407191.4. Combined with normal white LED and UVC LEDs, it can not only be used as normal illumination light bar, but also as sterilization lighting to kill viruses and bacteria. The UVC LEDs are imported from Korea with dual wavelength at UVA390nm + UVC260nm, making it more effective to disinfect and so to reduce chances of sickness and infection.

►LED UV Germicidal Disinfection Light Bar with Motion Sensor and Timed Sterilization
There is body induction sensor built-in the fixture. When human gets close or door opened, the lamp turns on; When no movement detected, illumination LEDs will be off after 10 seconds. and UV LED starts sterilizing work automatically for 5 min.
►Intelligent human body induction, highly sensitivity and 120° wide angle sensor, with 3-5M long distance induction distance.
►3000mAh lithium battey built-in, long lasting battery life with more than 1000 times charging & discharging cycles. It can last 7-8 hours contious working, which is 30 days usage.
►USB interface, easily to charge with any DC5V chargers, like portable power bank, laptop or any regular chargers, making the light bar convenient to carry and use.
►Easy Installation: Magnetic or adhensive tape on backside of the UV light bar provide a much easier mounting method to install onto any surface, no more screws
►Ultra-slim design provides maximum illumination at a minimum footprint, rugged alumouim alloy housing with strong support to ensure long lifetime.

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Specification Dimensions Download Project Video

Model No. SL-UV03-3W-A SL-UV03-3W-B SL-UV03-3W-C
Type Illumination with Induction Timed Sterilization Induction & Timed Sterilization  
 Power Consumption 3W
 Input Voltage DC5V
 Charging Port Micro USB
 Protection Class III
 LED 9pcs 2835 SMD LED 9pcs UVC LED 5pcs 2835 SMD LED + 4pcs UVC LED
 LED Color Warm White 260-280nm   Warm White + 260-280nm 
 Luminous Efficacy 90lm/W / /
 Luminous Flux 270lm / /
 CRI >80 / /
 LED Lifetime >50000 hrs
 Beam Angle 120°
 Battery 3000mAh Lithium Battey (for one month usage)
 Main Material Aluminum Alloy 
 Shell Color  White, Black, Red, Golden
 Dimensions 300*25*25mm 
 Weight 200g
 Installation  Surface Mount with Magnetic or Adhensive Tape
 IP Rating IP44
 Application Killed bacteria: Colibacillus, staphylococcus aureus, chlamydia, gemma, coronavirus, flu virus etc.     
 Working Temp. -20℃~45℃
 Storage Temp. -30℃~50℃
 Humidity 15%-90%RH
 Packing Plain Box or Color Box
 Certification CE ROHS
 Waranty 2 Years
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